If applied research is worth doing, it’s worth explaining: not just to other researchers, but to the wider public.

Popular Writing

I am a contributor to online environmental news site, Sense and Sustainability. Past articles include:

Wellspring of Ingenuity: Irrigators are challenging old laws to stop the wells running dry. (Apr., 2016)

The Great Tuna Gamble: Two cheers and a note of caution for the future of the famed Atlantic Bluefin. (with photographer Stephanie Simpson) (Jan, 2016)

Global Inequality: Globalization has contributed to a shrinking of the gap between rich and poor globally. Yet within countries, the gap continues to grow. (Aug. 2014)

Death of a Carbon Tax: Australia just ended one of the most sweeping approaches to regulating carbon in the world. Here are the implications. (Jul. 2014)

Indonesia’s Election: As Indonesians go to the polls, the future of the country’s forests hang in the balance. (Jul. 2014)

Documentary Projects

Audio storytelling,  documentaries, and radio are making a comeback. As such, they are some of the best ways to engage a larger audience about critical environmental issues.

In Canada I worked with a small team to produce the weekly nationally-syndicated environmental news show, Terra Informa, broadcast on over 20 stations. During my three years working on Terra Informa,  I co-directed and co-produced two extended radio documentaries. Both documentaries won the NCRA (National Campus and Community Radio Association) Most Outstanding Documentary Awards (2011 and 2013).

In the first, we undertook an investigation into worrisome and mysterious air pollution events in Alberta’s oil patch town of Peace River. The intermittent pollution cloud has caused a great deal of consternation among the locals, and alleged health problems, yet its source remains unknown. Narration is by Myles Curry.

In a second two-part documentary, we traveled the route of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, which would carry bitumen from Alberta to Canada’s west coast. We explored the benefits, and the concerns that people along the route expressed. This project is highly contentious and continues to face strong opposition, including  from first nations. It’s been described as “the environmental fight of a lifetime.” We wanted to know why. Narration is by Myles Curry, music is by Rachelle van Zanten.

Part 1:

Part 2: