I aim to improve natural resources management to advance economic opportunity in low and middle income countries.

I am an economist in the Environment, Natural Resources, and Blue Economy Global Practice of the World Bank, and Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of South Australia. I work on sustainable fisheries and oceans, forests and land use change, pollution, and water management.

I support the design and implementation of World Bank projects, and undertake research that improves our understanding of the relationship between poverty, development, and the natural environment.

My research uses a microeconomics framework, and empirical methods such as econometric quasi-experiments, GIS analysis, cost-benefit analysis, field experiments, and qualitative interviews, to assess projects, test hypotheses, and develop policy recommendations.

My operations work involves design, preparation, and implementation support, for World Bank client government projects, with a current focus on the East Asia Pacific region.

This site contains information about my current work, past projects, photography from  the field, and blog posts on ideas I’ve been thinking about recently.

This site does not represent the views of the World Bank Group.