I aim to improve environmental and natural resources management to advance economic opportunity.

I am an Environmental Economist at the World Bank, and Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of South Australia. My topics of specialization include sustainable fisheries and oceans, forests and biodiversity conservation, climate policy, air pollution and water management.

I support and lead teams that help countries design, prepare, implement and evaluate large-scale investments in natural resources management. I also undertake research that improves our understanding of the relationship between poverty, development, and the environment.

I am a microeconomist by training; I use methods such as panel data econometrics, cost-benefit analysis, GIS analysis, field experiments, and qualitative interview approaches to assess projects, test hypotheses, and develop policy recommendations.

This site contains information about my current work, past projects, photography from the field, and blog posts on ideas I’ve been thinking about recently.

This site does not represent the views of the World Bank Group.