I aim to create, refine and evaluate policy ideas that improve the quality of our natural environment while simultaneously enhancing human welfare.

My primary focus is on land use and economic transitions in lower income countries. I work to improve our understanding of the relationship between poverty, agriculture and deforestation, and our understanding of the institutions and incentives which mediate these relationships. I use microeconometric techniques and quasi-experiments, supplemented with GIS analysis, field experiments and qualitative interviews, to test hypotheses and develop policy recommendations.

I have research underway in other areas of natural resources policy, specifically  on fisheries management and water management. My work here is related to the above through the analytical methods I apply and my theoretical approach, although is often set in quite different contexts.

On this site you will find information about my current work, links to past projects I’ve worked on, photography from my work in the field, and blog posts on the ideas that I’ve been thinking about recently.