About Me

I am an Economist in the Environment, Natural Resources, and Blue Economy Global Practice. I joined the World Bank as a Young Professional in 2017 and am based in the Washington, D.C. Office. I am an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the School of Business, University of South Australia.

I undertake economic and policy research that informs the design of World Bank-financed projects, and provide design and implementation support to our implementing partners in government. These projects aim to improve forest management, revitalize fisheries, conserve oceans and coastal ecosystems, and reduce air and water pollution, among other goals. Most of my work currently focuses on the East Asia Pacific region.

My research, which draws on insights from project work, aims to improve our understanding of the relationship between poverty, development, the environment, and natural resources. I aim to inform policies and projects that can both improve environmental outcomes and promote economic development, or minimize trade-offs.

Questions that myself and colleagues are trying to answer right now include:

  • What are the opportunities and needs for improved fisheries management in Indonesia, and what are the risks to fisheries from climate change?
  • How can public and private measures for supply-chain governance work together?
  • Does quota-based fisheries management make fisheries more valuable?
  • What are the costs of reforestation, and how do these costs vary across environmental and development contexts?

I believe that tight links between development practice and research improve our understanding of the world and our efforts to improve economic opportunity. See output from this research and more here.

I graduated from Duke University in 2017 with a PhD in Environmental and Resource Economics. My committee comprised Alexander PfaffBrian Murray, Elizabeth ShapiroSubhrendu Pattanayak and Ashwini Chhatre. Prior, I completed an M.Sc (Agricultural and Resource Economics) at the University of Alberta, Canada, and a B.A (Economics) and B.Sc (Ecology, Environmental Geosciences) at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

I earlier worked in the Sustainable Ecosystems division of CSIRO, on land use, water management, and climate change topics. I taught undergraduate natural resource economics at the University of Alberta.

I have fieldwork experience (primary data collection) in Tanzania (forest conservation program design), Mexico (community forest management), India (roads and forest transitions), West Africa (water-related poverty), the Solomon Islands (social and environmental impacts of the tourism industry) and Southern Australia (land use change and water management).