The Great Tuna Gamble


New article published on Sense and Sustainability

I teamed up with photographer Stephanie Simpson to write about the present state, and possible fate, of the famed northern Bluefin Tuna. Our conclusions can be summarized as ‘two cheers and a note of caution’. Two cheers, because stocks are recovering, and a previously dysfunctional international organization is doing good things. A note of caution, because the stock targets set don’t leave room for anything to go wrong.

We approached the topic with a feeling that this would be a bad-news story. After all, it was only 6 years ago that there was a serious push to have Bluefin CITES-listed. But after time spent on tuna boats in Prince Edward Island, in dockside conversation, and reading the scientific literature, we decided that there’s reason for cautious optimism.

Photos are by Stephanie, naturally. I love bringing art and science together.

Link to the full post

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